Different Students Require Different
Approaches to Learning

From years of teaching, we are very aware that everyone learns differently so we always adapt our teaching to our students.


The most important part is to find out what way works for each student and use that approach so that they are really able to understand what they are studying as this then enables them to work towards the marks that they want.


At Top Tutors we provide a relaxed, calm and encouraging environment so that we can get each student to perform to the best of their abilities.


Where a student finds any part of a subject particularly hard or they just don't seem to understand aspects of it, then we establish what it is they struggle with and look for other examples or ways of approaching the problem to find the specific way that "clicks" with them. This approach has always worked, with many students now understanding topics that they thought they wouldn't until they came to us for tuition.


The feedback from parents of our students clearly demonstrates that our tutoring approach works for each of their children as it is designed purely around their specific needs. Thus, it has enabled them all to achieve excellent grades at the associated studying level for each student and successfully be able to progress onto their next stage with confidence.