Testimonials - A Level Chemistry and GCSE Sciences

Selection of recent feedback from parents and students

A Level Chemistry
GCSE Science and Combined Science

5/5 *****“Excellent tutor, very professional, made my daughter feel comfortable and more confident after only the first 2 – 3 lessons. My daughter thinks Karen is great. We found Karen to be an amazing tutor, with great communication and the ability to teach my daughter in a way where the information sunk in. Her teaching techniques were exactly what my daughter needed in order to progress on her knowledge and understanding of the subject. My daughter grades massively improved with Karen’s help. She showed great passion and dedication while tutoring and we cannot thank her enough for her help. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for Chemistry tutor.”

— Ilda (Mother, UK), On-line A level Chemistry Tuition

5/5 *****“My daughter had missed over 6 months of A Level chemistry due to ill health. Karen took on the challenge and covered the entire syllabus with her over the two months before her exams in a fun, easy to understand and efficient way.

Karen is an amazing tutor and we would highly recommend her to anyone seeking support with A Level chemistry.
Thanks lots Karen for all your hard work and patience while working with Jaccs.”

— Corinner (Mother, Jersey), On-line A level Chemistry Tuition


5/5*****"Karen did a good job of helping me to understand topics that I couldn’t get my head around.”

— Tom (Student), Face to Face A level Chemistry Tuition

5/5 *****“Karen has been tutoring both my children since early March this year. When I was looking for help, just before GCSE and AS final exams , she has readily agreed.
Karen is always punctual with the timings, she starts the sessions on time. She extends help beyond the sessions. Both my children secured A grade in their final exams. A big thank you to Karen that my younger child has now proceeded to do Chemistry for her A levels and is enjoying the subject. Karen has lots of patience and always tailors her lessons according to the student's needs. She listen to parent's views and delivers accordingly. She engages with students and encourages their participation. Besides these personal attributes words fall short to explain the grasp she has on Chemistry . Both my children are continuing as her tutees.”

— Janaki (Mother, UK), On-line A Level Chemistry Tuition

5/5 *****“Karen is a fantastic tutor. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive. My daughter has found her help invaluable and is now soon to be sitting her AS chemistry exam feeling more confident and prepared..”

— Dawn (Mother), Face to Face A level Chemistry Tuition

5/5 *****"Karen has been working with my son to provide him with tutoring for his A Level Chemistry for a few months and I believe he is already seeing benefits in his work at college. She is extremely well organised structuring the sessions and additional work around the areas he is having most problems with. He finds that she can spend more time explaining concepts that they may rush over in class so he has a deeper understanding.
As a parent I have found her feedback on his progress clear and comprehensive.
— Helen (Mother), Face to Face A level Chemistry Tuition

5/5 ***** “I cannot recommend Karen enough, she is an excellent and incredibly professional tutor. My daughter felt so comfortable and happy with her teaching methods that she showed significant progress right after their first lesson!
Her approach to teaching is very precise and practical which helps her students to progress with confidence and enthusiasm in their subjects.
I had never tried online tutoring before as I was slightly unsure as how it would work out but Karen made it easy, simple and reliable.
Overall, a great experience!.”

— Diana (Mother, UK), On-line Combined Science

5/5 *****"We are really delighted to have found Karen to help our daughter with her Chemistry and Physics in her GCSE Year.
Our daughter had missed a lot of school and needed to catch up quite a lot and Karen has been fabulous at helping in a professional and calm manner to plug the gaps in learning.
I asked our daughter to give feedback and she said - 'Karen is amazing at explaining things and I actually feel enthusiastic about Chemistry now'.
We would highly recommend Karen!

— Tracy (Mother, UK), Face to Face Combined Science and Maths

5/5 ***** “Karen is an excellent tutor and with in depth subject knowledge and we definitely recommend her.”

— Prateek (Father, UK), On-line GCSE Physics

5/5 ***** "She is a very good tutor. Has very good methods of teaching. Karen is a very friendly teacher and is assisting me in Maths and Science which I have drastically improved in. I would definitely recommend her."

— Zoni (Student), Face to Face Maths and Science

5/5 ***** “Being educated in a different curriculum where Science has not been introduced until a later stage, my daughter’s knowledge on Chemistry and Physics has advanced to a new level thanks to Karen.
Karen delivers her tutorial with clarity and straight to the point. Her materials are well prepared and organized hence easy to follow especially through an online media such as Skype. Karen provides timely, constructive feedbacks on home works which in turn have challenged my daughter to do better each time. In such a short time my daughter’s comprehension in these 2 subjects is evident. I highly recommend Karen as an excellent tutor.”

— Boni (Father, Dubai), On-line 13+ Science Entrance Exam for UK Schools

5/5 *****"Karen's professionalism, genuine care and ability to put my daughter at ease is helping to build much needed confidence in iGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Maths. My daughter leaves her session with Karen with a smile of relief knowing that something which felt impossible has become crystal clear. We are extremely grateful for all her hard work.”

— Iona (Mother), Face to Face IGCSE Maths and Science

5/5 ***** "I have been absolutely delighted with the support that Karen has provided for my daughter. With GCSE's in all three sciences being sat next year (2017), Karen is making Science enjoyable and is clearing the fog that surrounded the subject. She has a wonderful calm, confident and friendly manner that in turn gives me confidence that we have chosen the perfect person to help my daughter. Karen has a great understanding of all the Sciences but more importantly, is able to pass on that knowledge in a clear, professional way. I would have no hesitation in recommending her."

— Sian (Mother), Face to Face GCSE Science

5/5 *****"Karen is a excellent tutor. An amazing teacher. My son enjoys the lessons immensely and already feels he is advancing himself academically and in confidence. We feel very lucky to have found her and the difference she is making. Her lessons are well prepared and well planned and homework is always set and checked to understand where my son is in his learning. Thank you Karen.

— Julie (Mother), Face to Face GCSE Science and Maths

5/5 *****"It was very easy to make contact with Karen and arrange suitable sessions for my son. Karen is clearly very knowledgeable about her subjects and my son is responding really well to her teaching methods and approach. Even after only a few sessions he has learnt so much and has a much better understanding of Chemistry to help him in his GCSE year. I would highly recommend Karen if you/your child needs extra support.

— Sarah(Mother), Face to Face GCSE Chemistry